Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jesus is amazing!

Do you ever really think about why Jesus is so amazing... like really really REALLY think about it? If anyone reads this... then Im guessing you are probably someone who could give me a very spiritual/Biblically correct answer... and thats ok... but I guess why I'm writing this is because lately God has been stretching my perspectives and shifting some paradigms that I have about the King of Glory, the Lion & the Lamb, Son of God, Son of man, the bread of Life... Christ Jesus my Lord and Savior. 

Recently I have been longing for understanding and sharpening. I have been blessed to come across an amazing author who by his testimony and life experience that he so transparently shared in a few of his books given me that. (if you follow me on twitter you have probably seen a few quotes I have tweeted from him)

But anyways back to Jesus...

So what do you think about Jesus? God has been showing me how much we truly need Jesus. Without Jesus we have absolutely 110% NO hope. Apart from Him we would not know forgiveness, freedom, and most importantly love. It's crazy to me! Even though God created us, named us, knows the count of every hair on our heads... we would NOT know this love if it weren't for Jesus.  In Phillipians 3:8 Paul says this,

"Yet indeed I also count all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them rubbish, that I may gain Christ."

My heart leaps when Paul says I count all things loss for the EXCELLENCE OF THE KNOWLEDGE OF CHRIST. Why?... well because I desire to have knowledge of Christ... not head knowledge but knowledge that comes from real experience. 
"In the Hebrew understanding the word knowledge is felt; it arises from experience of God in faith and love rather than human investigation. Knowledge is the fruit of a faith-encounter with Jesus as the Christ." -Brennen Manning 

 I think as humans we tend to be driven by success so we equate knowledge as power to get us where we want to be. But through God's eyes He sees us through the blood of Jesus as His perfect creation. He jealously wants all of us and wants to show us all of Him. So what do we do? We seek after the head knowledge thinking the more we know about God the better we are as Christians... but we never count everything else as loss to have experienced the excellence of Jesus. And what did God do? He loved us so much He sent Jesus to come and show us what true knowledge is. He came to restore to us the destiny God had created for us. He came to love us and He did by dying for us knowing obviously through His experience that we would never be able to love Him the way He deserves. We crucified Him, we denied Him, we took Him for granted. But He forgave and loved us anyways. And will always do that as long as we are on this earth. 

Think about why Jesus is amazing. He will show you and be faithful to strengthen your knowledge of His excellence. 

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