Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Today friendships have been on my mind... So I thought I'd blog about it. Get my thoughts and a bit of wisdom down for you to read. Enjoy.

First I would like to say I am incredibly blessed! I have amazing friendships! I have a handful of people in my life that I know will always be in my life. We all have people that we love and know for a season and then we have the ones that are there for every season. The ones that grow along with you. No matter what you do, how far the separation, or who else you are friends with these special people will always be in a place in your heart ordained by God. These friendships are effortless. You don't have to force them even in times of sharpening and conflict. (those are the things that will make your friendship better)

MC and I have been through so much together!
MC you always encourage and love me! Thanks for being there

I have know these girls for basically my whole life! April you will always be my best friend!
You are the perfect man for me ;)
 Cara you make me laugh and get me like no one else!!!

Got sexylove? There's never a dull moment with us!
Jennae you are forever my beloved!

Romey and Michelle can make it through anything!
Sara you always make me smile I miss our crazy laughter! 

"Friendships don't just "happen," but the best ones seem to fall into place right from the start, naturally and easily, as if they were always meant to be."

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  1. Oh Chelsie!!!!! My heart....FULL OF LOVE! You are amazazing & I love you so much its insane!